Foundations & Corporate Supporters

Big things happen at NetHope.

By taking advantage of the combined expertise of world-class nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and visionary companies, we make a remarkable difference in our world.

If you believe your company has something to offer—an idea to improve the world, togetherreach out to us. Consider making an unrestricted donation to support our work, sponsor a specific initiative relevant to your corporate objectives, start a project with NetHope, or sponsor an event like our Global Summit. For more information about NetHope partnerships and corporate sponsorships, please feel free to send us a message and we’ll respond promptly.

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Benefits of partnership

NetHope is built on a foundation of collaboration between the nonprofit, public, private and philanthropic sectors, grounded in the belief that working together, we can address the challenges affecting our world.  Our corporate partners support NetHope through annual gifts, program- or issue-specific support, or by lending expertise to solve hard problems.  We work with foundations and donor organizations to achieve our shared goals of improving the world we share through a range of activities – from country-specific to global programs.


NetHope is proud to partner with leaders of the technology and philanthropic sectors. Our selected partners have the deep expertise, resources and vision to lead their respective industries, and a deep commitment to work collaboratively with international nonprofits.

Real Impact at Scale

Our partners are global trailblazers that share a sense of urgency to bring change to underserved communities. Working with NetHope, partners can leverage the reach of 50 organizations, simplifying your ability to have impact at scale.

Employee Engagement

Our partners have talented employees that want to make a difference in the world, and want to work for companies that reflect those values. NetHope offers its partners the opportunity to engage employees on the issues they care about most, building morale and retention while having demonstrable impact.

Corporate Social Action

Our partners are committed to social responsibility and have rich, long-standing programs. Through collaboration with NetHope and its members, they bring those efforts to life, moving from responsibility to action to impact for meaningful change.

Other Benefits

  • Opportunity to build your organization’s knowledge, impact and influence with like-minded professionals across the technology, philanthropic and nonprofit sectors.
  • Building a flexible, dynamic, and relevant partnership that supports your organization’s objectives while realizing your corporate social responsibility goals.
  • Access to leading technology decision-makers among the leading 50 international NGOs, representing more than $40b in annual development and conservation aid.
  • Market insight and knowledge, especially in fast-growing developing markets
  • Added recognition through NetHope reports, blogs, newsletters, and social media.
  • Opportunity to participate in the NetHope Leadership Institute and the NetHope Global Summit.
  • Product feedback in both world-class enterprise and resource-constrained environments