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The NetHope Solutions Center connects member organizations to ICT tools, training and webinars, and collaborative portals that further technology success in humanitarian work.

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The Problem

Nonprofit organizations have a set of challenges very unique to their specific areas of work, both at home and in the field. They are in urgent desire of solutions and advice that meet their needs and enable them to accomplish their humanitarian or conservation work more effectively and at less cost. Field-specific resources are often few and far between; nonprofits find themselves guessing or just getting by, unsure if something better is out there.

The Solution

NetHope developed the Solutions Center to enable its member organizations in international development and conservation to discover, learn about and have meaningful, actionable dialogue around how information communications technology (ICT) solutions can be applied to their business problems and field challenges. The NetHope Solutions Center frequently hosts webinars and produces tool kits, case studies, solution profiles and blogs to bring high-quality, relevant information freely to its members.


The NetHope Solutions Center helps organizations navigate to the 'best fit' technologies that meet their needs. It’s an excellent space to inspire dialogue around ICT4D, emerging technologies and partnership.

Fredrik Winsnes, NetHope