Our Partners

We provide exclusive opportunities for nonprofits and corporations to work together in meaningful partnership to solve real problems and innovate in development. Walking into the same room we are equals with a common purpose – that means a lot to us! Collaboration between major technology companies, foundations, and member organizations enriches existing endeavors and gives rise to new NetHope projects. From donated equipment and software for members, to shared technical expertise and discounts on vital tools, these partnerships fuel a great deal of what we do.

Cisco has, for over a decade, partnered with NetHope to realize the benefits of connectivity, technology skills and entrepreneurship to the developing world at scale.

Randy Pond, Executive Vice President, Operations, Processes, and Systems, Cisco

3 Benefits of Partnership

Engage the nonprofit community at scale

Technology is vital to the collective work of our member organizations. By partnering with NetHope, visionary companies have the ability to share their product or service with all of our members at once, without having to pick and choose between many important causes.

Create meaningful field programs that showcase technologies or services

Incredible new technologies surface all the time. NetHope provides the opportunity to deploy these innovative solutions where they are most needed in partnership with global nonprofits that have the expertise and depth to maximize their impact.

Garner relevant customer feedback from developing markets

There is no better place to test products and services in developing markets than through NetHope. When you partner with NetHope, you'll receive actionable data, feedback on how the product performed in the field, and tangible evidence of impact to support your company's CSR and market objectives.

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