For immediate release

November 15, 2021

NetHope Communications Team

63 Members. 27 Summits. 20 years of collective impact.

This week we kick off our celebration of NetHope@20! It is an important milestone, and we are honored to be joined by over 1800 participants from over 100 countries at our 20th Anniversary Summit to celebrate together. To mark this historic moment for our collective we are pleased to share a retrospective report and videos to highlight the impact we have had as a community over these past 20 years.

In 2001, we were founded under one premise: apply the power of networking technologies and the internet to enhance humanitarian operations in urban and impact areas of the world. Although our mission statement has evolved over the years to respond to the changing world, our commitment to collaborating and learning to harness the power of technology for the good of the people and planet has never wavered.

From demand aggregation for software to digital upskilling and data security, from digitally enabled emergency response to using the power of technology to improve lives across the world, the NetHope community has transformed the landscape for impact in the humanitarian relief, development and conservation sectors.

“Over the past twenty years, we have delivered over $160 million of software donations to our Members. We have given more than $3 million worth of in-kind donations to our global community. More importantly, we have met people at their point of need through our emergency response activities and ensured that relief organizations are able to provide emergency help to fragile communities, so that people are still connected with their personal and communal networks,” said Lance Pierce, CEO of NetHope.

The NetHope 20th Anniversary Summit (15-19 November 2021) is an opportunity for us to look back at all the great strides that have been achieved by this cross-sectoral community of passionate people over the past two decades. As we celebrate our wins this week and reflect on the lessons learned, we will challenge ourselves to move the needle forward again by strategically redefining what collective impact looks like in the future. In addition to the world-class and dynamic speakers that we have, we encourage you to explore the Summit agenda to find sessions that you are interested in and passionate about. This is a time to learn and engage with the critical digital topics facing nonprofits today such as digital identity, humanitarian entrepreneurship, digital divides, responsive technology and more. Engaging and learning about these topics and discussions empowers us to achieve greater heights in our individual and collective work.

Visit the NetHope@20 website to explore our 20 year journey so far, and learn more about how you can join NetHope for the next 20 years. Together, NetHope Members and partners will continue to leverage the power of technology for the good of communities and biospheres across the planet.

As we continue to write the story of what is next for our world-changing community, one thing is certain: the big challenges that are to come will require unorthodox innovation and collaboration that can only be found when we work together for the good of people and planet.