NetHope Global Summit

Each year, NetHope members meet along with corporate partners and supporters, for a Global Summit to address how to use technology to make collective and impactful progress against the world’s most pressing challenges. 2021, marks NetHope's 20th anniversary, and due to ongoing challenges due to the pandemic, the Summit will be held in a virtual format again this year.

This helps integrate initiatives put forth in the UN Sustainable Development goals, protect individuals from the affects of COVID-19, and progress the ideal of digital community. The Global Summit also provides sponsors an enthusiastic audience for products and services, and nonprofit sector professionals a unique opportunity to engage with some of the foremost technology leaders in the world today.

If you have any inquiries regarding attending our upcoming Virtual Global Summit, or sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.


  • November 15-19, 2021: 20th Anniversary Global Summit
  • October 26-28, 2020: Virtual Global Summit
  • Fall 2019: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Fall 2018: Dublin, Ireland
  • Fall 2017: Vancouver, Canada
  • Fall 2016: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Fall 2015: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Fall 2014: Silicon Valley, California 
  • Fall 2013: St. Charles, Illinois
  • Fall 2012: Redmond, Washington
  • Fall 2011: County Kildare, Ireland
  • Fall 2010: Silicon Valley, California
  • Spring 2010: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Spring 2009: Redmond, Washington
  • Fall 2008: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Spring 2008: San Jose, California
  • Fall 2007: Panama City, Panama
  • Spring 2007: Redmond, Washington
  • Fall 2006: New York, New York
  • Spring 2006: New York, New York
  • Fall 2005: Arlington, Virginia
  • Spring 2005: Westport, Connecticut 
  • Fall 2004: Redmond, Washington
  • Spring 2004: San Jose, California
  • Fall 2003: Atlanta, Georgia 
  • Spring 2003: Baltimore, Maryland
  • 2001: San Jose, California