NGO Membership

NetHope is a consortium of nearly 60 global nonprofits. A key component of being part of NetHope is the powerful collaboration that exists among our diverse membership in the areas of technology and development. This model of collaboration enables us to increase our reach and be attractive partners to innovative technology companies. NetHope members receive extraordinary benefits that have a measurable impact on their work both at the office and in the field. For more information about becoming a member, contact us.

Membership Inquiry Form

Benefits of Membership

Our members receive diverse benefits that have a measurable impact on their work in the office and the field.

Access to Technology

NetHope members get exclusive, discounted access to innovative technologies that we offer through our corporate partners, such as software suites for office use and special solutions designed for the field.

NetHope Global Summit

Each year, NetHope members meet face-to-face with fellow members, corporate partners and supporters for a Global Summit to address how to use technology to make powerful progress against the world’s most pressing challenges. We’ve hosted the Summit all over the world – this year it will be in Dublin!

Solutions Center

The Nethope Solutions Center provides instruction on the most promising technologies and relevant resources. We offers toolkits, in-depth case studies, solution profiles, blogs, and webinars by technology leaders.

NetHope Academy

The NetHope Academy improves staff capacity and productivity at our member organizations by providing IT training and resources to promising young adults in developing countries such as Haiti, Rwanda, and Liberia.

Additional Benefits

  • Belonging to a network of like-minded professionals who understand the work that you do.
  • Extending the knowledge of your IT department through the collective experience of other professionals.
  • Opportunity to utilize the training and human resources of the NetHope Academy.
  • Access to shared tools, training resources, and practical advice through the NetHope Solutions Center.
  • The collective, scaled influence that comes with being a part of a unified organization.
  • Relationships with key corporate leaders in technology.
  • Access to NetHope-exclusive grants and products.
  • Marketing benefit that comes with being a part of a world-class organization filled with top players in the industry.
  • Added recognition through NetHope reports, blogs, newsletters, and social media.
  • Opportunity to participate in the NetHope Leadership Institute and the NetHope Global Summit.
  • Access to technology discounts through our many partners.