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Dreams transform the world

And a NetHope IDEA Journey™ is where dreaming begins...
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When your organization embarks on an IDEA Journey you will design an innovative solution to one of your biggest challenges – and perhaps one of the world’s great challenges – exploring deeper, achieving better, and transforming more lives.

Why take the journey?

NetHope’s IDEA Journey methodology has accelerated the missions of some of the world’s leading nonprofits, vastly increasing their impacts in communities across the globe. It is also advancing innovation in smaller and local nonprofits. The tried and tested process works regardless of size and scope.
How do you move from helping two million children living in extreme poverty, to helping 400 million?
How do you pivot your mission from providing banking services to low-income women to also providing them access to life-saving healthcare?
How do you engage more at-risk youth with less effort in your town?
How do you improve vaccine innovation, make your grants management more efficient, or scale up the number of refugees you’re supporting 200-fold?
You start with an IDEA Journey.
These are some of the challenges currently being solved by NetHope IDEA Journeys. What challenge do you want to overcome to have 10x more impact? And are you ready to imagine a solution?

The IDEA Journey experience

We can dream bigger and imagine better when we bring diverse viewpoints and voices together.

Design an innovative solution

Travel with us to design an innovative solution to one of the biggest challenges your organization is facing today, and join with other nonprofits who have realized their dreams and are now more effectively achieving their world-changing goals. Through your bespoke IDEA Journey, you will have the rare opportunity to bring key stakeholders from across your organization together in a concerted effort to solve your challenge and drive your mission forwards. And you will do it in a way none of you could ever realize alone.
The NetHope IDEA Journey partners bring proven experience and expertise to the process.

Transform your thinking

An IDEA Journey is a unique experience that will transform your thinking and deliver results. It will unlock a new dialogue between your executive team and program staff, equipping you to discover the best way to reach your desired destination. Through your journey, you will be supported by NetHope and a certified IDEA Journey consulting partner to imagine, create and execute your idea – assessing the results and tweaking your solution so that it creates the biggest positive impact possible.

nonprofit success stories

Organizations that have taken the bold decision to embark on an IDEA Journey have transformed their ways of working. They are having greater impact because they dared to dream.
Former NetHope CEO, Lauren Woodman
interviews Mark Hetfield, CEO of HIAS

HIAS' dream: bridge digital divides to work seamlessly together across borders and teams

HIAS, a NetHope Member working to help refugees rebuild their lives, wanted to go on a journey of digital transformation so that their global offices and HQ staff could better connect, collaborate and impact. They had a dream to bridge the digital divides that separated their staff, partners, and stakeholders – creating an organization that worked seamlessly together across borders and skillsets.

Now, the whole of the organization is connected as 'One HIAS' in an effective and efficient way. Through their IDEA Journey, HIAS has achieved their dream of digital transformation, and their connectedness will enable them to carry out their life-transforming work with refugees more effectively.
A conversation about Project Rafiki with Thomas Rubacher and Ahmed Mihaimeed from SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children's Villages' dream: bring benefits of digital transformation to program participants

NetHope Member SOS Children's Villages works with families and communities to provide children with loving and supportive care. They dreamed of bringing the benefits of digital transformation directly to those they were supporting on the ground – caregivers. Through their NetHope IDEA Journey, SOS Children's Villages designed a digital solution that would leave no one behind.

SOS Children's Villages created Rafiki, a chatbot designed to help caregivers learn and improve their knowledge and skills on care and mental health topics. To be accessible at community-level, Rafiki runs on simple smart phones, simulates human trainers and uses chat and voice functionality. Now operational in three countries, the Rafiki Project is helping caregivers raise children in difficult contexts. It has broken down barriers and put life-changing knowledge in the hands of those who need it.

take your first step

What’s your challenge? And do you dare to expand your horizons as you dream up a solution?

If you do, a bespoke IDEA Journey is the springboard your organization needs to achieve your goals.


We have created this IDEA Journey resource guide from the experience of our nonprofit colleagues. We thank leaders of the British Red Cross, Compassion International, HIAS, International Refugee Council, Marie Stopes International, Medair, Médecins Sans Frontières, Mercy Corps, Norwegian Refugee Council, PATH, Pro Mujer, SOS Children’s Villages, Team Rubicon, The Carter Center, Trócaire and Winrock for their collaboration, pioneering leadership, and knowledge sharing. This resource guide would not have been possible without them. Read the Dream Blog Posts and Dream Books that chronicle the progress these organizations are making and get inspired for the potential your IDEA Journey could unlock.

The expertise of our Consulting Partners has also made this resource guide possible. Thanks go to Accenture Development Partnerships, HSO, Avanade, Revel, and Wipfli. Microsoft is the sponsor of IDEA (originally Dream, Design, Deliver (D3)), and we are very grateful for their generosity and collaboration.

We hope you find this resource guide helpful and we welcome your feedback. Please do feel free to use what you find on these pages to do good. And then tell us what happened!

The work of The Center for the Digital Nonprofit cannot be done without our dedicated Founding Partners. We thank them for their support.