Category 5 Hurricane Destroys Critical Communications

Friends of NetHope,

Hurricane Irma, labeled the most powerful Atlantic storm in a decade, is steadily plowing through the Caribbean, leaving a trail of death and destruction in its wake. The storm, with winds up to 185 mph, has knocked out communications, which are vital to residents and emergency responders
NetHope activated our Emergency Response Working Group Thursday. NetHope and NetHope members are already responding in the region. Isaac Kwamy, NetHope’s Director of Humanitarian Disaster Management and Emergency Response, is working with all of the responders to determine the areas of greatest need and restore communications. NetHope is actively working with over 30 responding organizations, gathering and sharing data so that emergency response efforts can be better informed and coordinated.

To do this we need your help now! Communication is aid. Providing communications capabilities to the responding organizations and the affected communities is vital for a coordinated emergency response. 

NetHope’s immediate need is to raise $200,000 to determine the extent of the damage and arrange for the necessary resources—equipment and technical personnel—to restore communications. We have just secured a $50,000 grant from The Patterson Foundation and are asking for your help to match that. Your donation now will be doubled to make a difference in the communities most affected by Irma and will help us respond to subsequent disasters. Just click here to donate.
We will keep you updated on our progress on
Thank you for your generosity at this critical time.
Lauren Woodman
CEO, NetHope