We are ALL NetHope

By Lauren Woodman, CEO, NetHope

Several months ago Rui Lopes, a longtime NetHope member representative and CIO of HIAS, suggested that we start an #IamNetHope campaign to reinforce the concept that we are better together and that—when it comes to NetHope—it’s not just about what you gain, but what you give.

This was translated into a blog series published on NetHope.org and NetHope Solutions Center, which profiles a broad spectrum of individuals from our member organizations, tech partners, and funders. Each are actively engaged in and contributing to NetHope.

The #IamNetHope concept trended through the second day of the NetHope Global Summit 2019. In presentations and breakouts, we witnessed the collaborative spirit that was the founding principle of NetHope 18 years ago and is our hallmark today. Here are some of my proof points from the day.

  • NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit, in collaboration with Humentum, Pluralsight One, Microsoft, and TechSoup, released new Technical Literacy learning tracks. This represents the first of six offerings that will boost the digital skills of employees from NetHope’s nearly 60 global nonprofit members and all nonprofit organizations.
  • Thanks to the generosity of our 35 Summit sponsors, we are able to host all 600 of you here at the Caribe Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico. And, thanks to the hotel staff, we are feeling welcome and at home.
  • We recognized two individuals who have made meaningful contributions to the sector through their participation in and support of NetHope. Cory Eaves and Radha Basu were inducted into the equivalent of NetHope’s Hall of Fame, the NetHope Leadership Fellows. This group of esteemed individuals has grown to 10. Radha, who was present to receive the honor, is always an inspiration and noted that the ideals of NetHope are part of her “physical, emotional, and spiritual being.” Radha and her husband, Dipak Basu, also a NetHope Fellow, have been involved with NetHope since its inception with its origin literally born around their kitchen table.
  • Thanks to the generosity of DanOffice IT, MapBox, and Open Systems, for the first time, 10 Global South Chapter delegates were able to come to the Summit. These delegates have all played a key role in starting and developing a chapter and, represent Kenya, Sudan, Malawi, Colombia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Jordan, Lebanon, and the Philippines. There are six NetHope Regional Chapters, including Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, Middle East/North Africa, and North America. The purpose of these Chapters is for NetHope members to focus on solving region-specific challenges and create opportunities for collaboration. 
  • Our board, the engine of NetHope, and our management and staff were saluted today for their dedication to advancing our mission.
  • Throughout this week—in addition to hearing about the inspirational work of our members—you will hear more about our tech and funding partners. They contribute money, products, time, and expertise, and many in combination. Our relationships with tech partners are not simply transactional. They are built on a growing trust and a mutual desire to leverage technology to tackle some of the world’s most pressing development, humanitarian, and conservation challenges.

As Farhan Irshad, our NetHope Board Chair and COO of HIAS, said just before snapping a group selfie, “Without you, there is no NetHope. Together we are improving the human condition through the power of technology.”

So much has already occurred in just our first two days, but much remains. We thank you for participating and hope you enjoy the rest of the NetHope Global Summit 2019.

Global Summit: Day One

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