“There isn’t a single client that you talk to nowadays that isn’t looking at digital transformation,” states Pamela Maynard, President of Product and Innovation at Avanade. “People are actually understanding that…once they made that step into digital transformation, it’s all about sustaining it. And evolving from it.” A Founding Partner of NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit, Avanade’s focus is helping clients realize results through the use of Microsoft technologies, coupled with its technology skills and capability. Avanade has leveraged this expertise to create a technology for social good initiative, demonstrating how it can “create and do human impact and do good in the social sector.”

In this eighth installment of the NetHope's Destination Digital podcast series, Maynard joins NetHope CEO, Lauren Woodman for a lively exploration of how the private tech sector is helping provide the tools and expertise necessary to move the needle forward on digital transformation for the nonprofit sector.

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