Staying true to your organization’s vision is key to success. Often easier said than done, this kind of focused strategy has been a driving force for Evan Goldberg, Executive Vice President of Oracle NetSuite’s Global Business Unit.

In this, our seventh installment of the NetHope Destination Digital podcast, Goldberg talks with NetHope CEO Lauren Woodman. Goldberg notes that, “Most really successful organizations have been able to take the original vision they had, stay with it, build on it and keep the core the same,” which, he admits, is tremendously difficult in a world that can distract us with changes. But it has helped Oracle NetSuite thrive from its founding two decades ago, born of inspiration but built on a solid vision.

Goldberg sees this same principle apply to philanthropic outreach, an endeavor that is a win-win proposition for all enterprises. NetSuite’s Social Impact Program is grounded in Goldberg’s personal philanthropic commitment. “As one of the founding partners of NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit, we are excited to support this amazing initiative…By providing NetHope members with access to our technology, we are helping organizations operate more efficiently so they can focus resources on expanding their missions rather than running their back office.”

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