In this sixth installment of our Destination Digital podcast, NetHope CEO Lauren Woodman is joined by founding Executive Director Bryan Breckenridge to discuss the great promise and many challenges of collaboration between the nonprofit and private sectors as digital transformation continues.

Bryan Breckenridge is founding Executive Director at an integrated social enterprise at Inc. that serves over 8,000 nonprofits. In his role, Bryan leads's vision to bring the social impact and tech worlds together enabling nonprofits and the tech community to innovate and fulfill their missions. Prior to, Bryan founded the nonprofit-facing pillar of LinkedIn for Good supporting nonprofits’ successful use of LinkedIn. Previously, Bryan was Director of Nonprofits and Education at the which leverages’s people, technology and resources to improve communities. is proud to donate and discount Box to nonprofits at Box employee pro-bono coaching on their technology is also available to nonprofits at

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