This is the fourth in a series of Destination Digital podcasts by NetHope, showcasing the leading influencers in the nonprofit and tech sectors together to illustrate how digital transformation promises positive change for the world’s most vulnerable through innovation, collaboration, and responsible best practices.

Empowering nonprofits and humanitarian organizations to advance their mission through the use of digital technology is more than just the use of technology---and it’s not solely reliant upon just the tools. It's really about the adoption of that technology against an organization’s mission.

This is the basic tenant that drives the work of Erik Arnold, CTO at the Tech for Social Impact Work at Microsoft Philanthropies. “(It’s) really about a shift in how you think about incorporating digital technology into your mission writ large and from there, you really (see) the creativity flow,” he notes. His extensive experience working in the tech sphere with Microsoft and his tenure with the nonprofit sector at PATH have provided unique insights for Arnold who posits that “finding people where they are, finding those moments where you can help them put things together to solve a problem that drives their program impact, that's the magic. Taking that and using them as the allies with you help(s) scale the transformation internally.”

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