Photo: Dublin, Ireland, the site of the 2018 NetHope Global Summit


Hello, and welcome to Dublin!

We’re so happy to have the opportunity each year to meet with so many of our colleagues, partners, and friends; with more than 500 attendees and 36 sponsors, this year's NetHope Global Summit will be the biggest ever! Knowing through these relationships we build a stronger and more resilient network to do good in our world, we couldn’t have chosen a better place than Dublin to host this year’s Summit.

We all know that each of our organizations is built upon a mission, that regardless of focus, is organized around an ideal for improving the condition of the people and places that need our help. But each of us individually also has a mission and a desire to accelerate and scale it. It stems from our DNA and is the foundation for how we perceive the world and how we act on those perceptions.

It’s no coincidence that our theme this year is Digital Transformation: It’s in Our DNA. Transformation is at the very core of what our organizations do, whether it’s an NGO that brings new methods for teaching young children in poor rural areas, or companies that create groundbreaking technologies for how we do our work. These endeavors are increasingly possible, and at larger scales, because of the potential afforded by the promise of digital technology.

The Summit this week will focus on several aspects of digital transformation and the work we have been doing through The Center for the Digital Nonprofit. A wealth of sessions will focus on the everyday operational aspects of digital technology including ERPs, data protection, and energy alternatives, as well as aspirational opportunities that emerging technologies and digital processes—such as AI and blockchain—offer to the future of humanitarian and conservation work. Several sessions will encompass in-depth conversations that discuss how these innovations will change the future of our work, how it is performed, and how the beneficiaries of these changes will become partners.

Of course, much of the Summit goes beyond digital and is based on the relationships we form as individuals, NGOs, and partners in technology and funding. While our approaches may differ, our common bond of working toward the common good binds us. Connection and collaboration are the core of what makes us human and also at the core of NetHope.

As part of the NetHope family, we encourage you to explore the content and context of what the Summit has to offer. We hope that it empowers you with real-world tools, and the inspiration and agility you need to do good better.

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