By Lauren Woodman, CEO

Today, we condemn the heinous attack on a Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) aid convoy in Syria. We mourn the loss of the civilians and Omar Barakat, a dedicated SARC aid worker.

This is a profound loss for the families of these individuals, for our extended NetHope family, and for the entire humanitarian sector. It is unforgivable on a personal and global scale that any life should be lost in the administration of aid.

Sadly, this event underscores the risks our NGO members in the field face as they pursue humanitarian work around the world. 

Our NetHope members all subscribe to the humanitarian principles as articulated by the International Committee of the Red Cross. We stand by them in solidarity, and call for greater safety measures for humanitarian workers and volunteers in accordance with international humanitarian law. They should be afforded these protections, not just in refugee situations, but in the countless situations in which they provide much-needed aid and assistance. These individuals work tirelessly to improve the human condition; we owe them an assurance of safety to do this important work.

NetHope members around the world have condemned this attack:

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