NetHope is excited to announce that five new NGOs have joined our organization, bringing our total to 49. New members include: Pro Mujer – NetHope’s first member organization from the global south; HIAS – the oldest refugee resettlement organization in the world; European-based humanitarian organizations Danish Refugee Council and Medair, and Deutsche Welthungerhilfe.

NetHope members share a commitment to a meaningful collaboration and collective impact. Today, the power of NetHope’s impact can be seen in the work being done on the Syrian refugee crisis.  NetHope has mobilized its network of technical specialists to support member organizations responding in the region, as well as to support refugees in various locations. NetHope is implementing connectivity solutions in the rapidly growing refugee camps in Jordan and providing connectivity kits for nonprofits working along the migration routes to assist refugees with mobile connectivity and recharging cellular devices.

In the past year, NetHope was instrumental in responding to the Ebola crisis in West Africa by bringing communications equipment and deploying connectivity solutions for our members in the region. In partnership with crisis informatics experts, NetHope provided critical visualizations of mobile networks, a map of Ebola treatment units, the trajectory of new outbreaks and their relationship to mobile coverage areas. This ensured that those in need of care were able to receive it quickly and that providers were prepared to receive patients, preventing further spread of the virus to other individuals.

In addition to humanitarian and emergency relief, NetHope’s members represent a diverse set of missions including conservation, agriculture, gender issues, microfinance and other areas of development.  NetHope’s CEO, Lauren Woodman, welcomed the new members by saying: “Each of the organizations that joined us today brings with them a wealth of experience that makes the whole of us stronger and more effective as we work to improve our world.”

For these new members, joining NetHope means being part of a group that is committed to collaboration around ICT needs to further their missions. By being NetHope members, organizations can leverage the technical expertise of the group, strengthen their organizational capacity and enhance their technology leadership through training, collaboration opportunities and programs offered.

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