NetHope is pleased to join Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Communications Programs (CCP) in a new five-year USAID project called the Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3). The project aims to build the capacity of local organizations to evaluate, design and implement communication ideas that will improve health behaviors in their own communities.

“Many of our NetHope member organizations are involved with health communications programs around the world and we are excited about the opportunities to learn from experiences and to potentially engage with these existing efforts,” said William A. Brindley, chief executive officer of NetHope. “Our Healthcare Working Group will be a natural forum to explore such collaboration.”

NetHope is an official partner with the CPP on the HC3 project and will provide technical advisory and assistance services, including the development of a Marketplace to foster a community of practice. InterNews, Oglivy Public Relations and Population Services International will also serve as communication partners for the project, and other regional and country partners will also be included.

“We have long known that local partners are critical to successful programs that promote healthier behaviors in areas such as HIV prevention, net use against malaria and improved maternal health,” said David Holtgrave, PhD, professor and chair of the School’s Department of Health, Behavior and Society. “HC3 will put local organizations in charge of their own healthy futures.”

HC3 will also provide technical leadership in health communication, including analysis of emerging trends, use of new communication technologies, testing of new approaches and overall guidance.

Photo by Sara&Joachim

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